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Since I am heading for China for holidays this month, I started browsing the Mileslife app to check out any hotel or tour promotions that I can take advantage of, as well as browse the numerous restaurants that they have and how many miles I can accrue each visit.

To do that, you need to switch the city, which is at the top left hand corner, and of course the language will be switched to Chinese. When you go to the bottom right bottom “我的“ and click on it, you will come to the following page below:

Click on “签到” which means Sign In and you will see the following page:

Simply click on the button at the bottom to sign in and you’ve clocked in for the day. Accumulate a total of 7 sign-ins in a row and you will get a chance for a lucky dip where you will get up to 200 miles for free!

Well, I managed to get 17 miles for the last 7 days of sign-in! The miles will be credited into the Airline’s frequent frequent account that you provide e.g. Singapore Airline’s Krisflyer Account within 5 days. So far, there’s no mention when this promotion ends, so just continue clicking away!

If you do not have Mileslife yet, click here to sign up! (You get 1,000 bonus miles after a spend of S$39 (take note that you need to sign up through a referral link and not just download the app – you will get NO BONUS MILES).

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