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DBS is running a couple of excellent promotions currently but they do not seem to be well publicised. Here‘s another one where you get 5-10% monthly cashback if you spend a minimum of $400 on DBS/POSB every month either through Mastercard/Visa, Nets Contactless or Scan & Pay transactions. If you do not withdraw any cash from DBS, you get the maximum rebate of 10% (capped at $50, which means a maximum spend of $500) or 5% (if you withdraw a total amount less than $400). This promotion is called “Beep. Beep. Ka-ching!” – meaning it’s a tap and go promotion, and not valid for the signature based transactions!)

Looking at the promotion T&Cs, it is open for all DBS/POSB members. No registration is required! The cards/products that are eligible are listed below:

• PAssion POSB Debit Card
• DBS Visa Debit Card
• DBS PayLah!
• POSB/DBS digibank, iWealth Scan & Pay transactions
• POSB Smart Buddy
• HomeTeam-NS PAssion POSB Debit Card
• SAFRA DBS Debit Card
• DBS NUSSU Debit Card
• DBS SUTD Visa Debit Card
• DBS FasTrack (Only Debit Card and PayLah! Funded Transactions)
• DBS Treasures Debit Card
• DBS Treasures Private Client Debit Card
• DBS Private Bank Debit Card

It’s pretty obvious that the debit cards form the bulk of the promotion. So what if you do not use them often?

The alternative is to use rely on Contactless Transactions, Mobile Wallet (Apple Pay / Samsung Pay / Google Pay) – do note this is for debit cards only, NETS Contactless, Scan and Pay Transactions (NETS QR, PayLah! QR codes) and PayLah! Funded FasTrack Transactions.

In short, use Nets (contactless only, not for pin based transaction!) or Paylah (need to scan QR code) when you can!

Also note the exclusion criteria (which is quite a long list!) – Cashback is not valid for any contactless transactions above S$200 per transaction, online transactions, Mobile wallet in-app purchases (e.g. Apple Pay on Deliveroo, UberEats, Uber), refunded contactless transactions, signature-based transactions, BUS/MRT Transactions, EZ-Link Card/NETS FlashPay Card/EZ-Pay transactions (eg. Top-ups of EZ-Link/Nets FlashPay Cards with qualifying product), Top-ups to prepaid cards (eg. Kopitiam / FoodFare Prepaid Cards), PIN-based transactions (e.g. NETS, ATM, AXS, SAM etc), interest, cash withdrawals, fund transfer transactions, foreign currency transactions, Casino levy, bill payments, purchase of digital smiley stamps in schools, NETS transaction for top up to POSB Smart Buddy wallet and all fees charged by DBS.

If you missed the minimum spend in Mar, don’t worry, there’s still Apr, May and Jun to go! That’s an extra $150 in cashback for you to achieve! However, do note the inclusion and exclusion criteria – it’s not so easy to earn the cashback actually!

Full FAQ available here. 

Detailed T&Cs here.

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