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From 14-17 May 2018, Mileslife is offering 5X bonus miles on all your spending with Mileslife, excluding gift card purchase. So how does it stack up with the existing promotions?

Using the same example as mentioned in the previous article, where the best earn rate for restaurants remains at 3 mpd, one can earn 15 mpd from Mileslife when one dines at these restaurants. The best  credit card to use at the moment is still OCBC Titanium card as it earns 6 mpd/15X OCBC$ per $ until the promotion ends on 30 Jun 2018. Add the additional 15 mpd from the app and one can earn a whooping 21 mpd for dining! Citibank Rewards Visa/Master and UOB Preferred Platinum Visa both earn 4 mpd from the card and 15 mpd from the app to make it 19 mpd. The DBS Women’s Master card has excluded Mileslife in its “online partner” and does not earn 4 mpd. As such, the best card for DBS is the DBS Altitude which earns 1.2 mpd, and there is no stacking for the 50% additional miles promotion, hence the total earning is 16.2 mpd, which is the lowest in the table above.

Do note there is a cap of 2000 bonus miles per day per user!

Why not treat your mother, family or friends to a great meal over these next few days? Alternatively, you can sign up for spa packages, book hotels or even book photoshoots!

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