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For those who are unaware, Mileslife is an app that was started by Mr Troy Liu, a Chinese who studied in the US and perfected the art of travel hacking. He realised how multiple apps were required when people travel – for food, accommodation and recreation and hence came up with Mileslife. Mileslife users could earn miles when they ate at a restaurant, went to a spa, or booked a hotel, and Singapore was selected as the first city out of China to launch the English version of this app.


If you want to check out the Dining section, click on the Dining icon and there will be a list of restaurants showing how many miles you will earn per $1. For now, the restaurants earn between 1-3 miles per $1. All you need to do is to click on the restaurant when you want to make payment, key in the amount inside and pass the order number generated by the app to the waiter. Of course, you need to key in your credit card details prior to this.


There have been various promotions with multiple banks and credit cards to promote this app, and I have summarised the promotions and potential earnings into the table below. The promotions for American Express and Maybank have already ended and hence been excluded.

The above comparison was drawn using a common baseline i.e. visiting a restaurant that earns 3 miles per dollar with Mileslife (denoted as B in above table). As you can see above, the best credit card to use at the moment is OCBC Titanium card as it earns 6 mpd/15X OCBC$ per $ until the promotion ends on 30 Jun 2018. Add the additional 3 mpd from the app and one can earn 9 mpd for dining! Citibank Rewards Visa/Master and UOB Preferred Platinum Visa both earn 4 mpd from the card and 3 mpd from the app to make it 7 mpd. The DBS Women’s Master card has excluded Mileslife in its “online partner” and does not earn 4 mpd. As such, the best card for DBS is the DBS Altitude which earns 1.2 mpd, and despite it’s 50% additional miles promotion, the total earning is 5.7 mpd, which is the lowest in the table above.

If you do not have a Mileslife account yet, click here to sign up! (You get 1,000 bonus miles after a spend of S$39 (take note that you need to sign up through a referral link and not just download the app – you will get NO BONUS MILES)


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