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Here’s the relaunch of a similar previous promotion. The number of miles given now is far better than the promotion posted in Jan 2018:

Mileslife is an app that is uniquely designed for the miles seeker. Add your credit card to the app, and use it to pay at participating restaurants to earn miles that are directly credited to your favourite airlines’ frequent flier programme – e.g. Singapore airlines Krisflyer, United MileagePlus, Eva Air Infinity MileageLand, Qatar Privilege Club etc.

The lowest amount to topup is now $300!

Do so with your credit card and enjoy a triple dip!

What’s triple dip?

  1. You top up $10000 using your credit card (e.g. Citibank rewards card) and you get 40000 miles from Mileslife
  2. You earn $10000*4 mpd from your Citibank rewards card=40000 miles
  3. You get $10000*3mpd from Mileslife app for spending at the restaurant=30000 miles

For $10000 purchase, you get 110 k miles (which is 11 mpd!). Of course if you topup less the returns will be less – for $300 topup, it will be 9 mpd, which is still pretty decent!

Some Terms & Conditions to note:

  1. Promotion is valid for the first 3000 Mileslife users who topup
  2. There is no expiry
  3. Bonus miles will be credited into your account within 3-5 days.
  4. Topup is capped at $20000 per account

Who should go for it?

  1. If you have insufficient miles for a ticket redemption that you are eyeing and require them urgently, then topping up is an option because firstly, the time taken for the miles update is very short (3-5 days, which is faster than transfers from some credit card programs). Secondly, there is no fee for the transfer of small amounts of miles (compared to say Citibank Premiermiles credit, which charges $25 per transfer of credit card points or miles).
  2. If you have an upcoming dinner treat, either out of your own pocket or company’s, then that can help you to deplete your prepaid credit.
  3. If you are looking to spend a lot of money on your new credit cards where you get bonus miles from the credit card companies just for spending e.g. Singapore airlines Krisflyer Ascend credit card where you get 15000 miles from AMEX side for spending $6000 within the first 3 months of card approval! Call that quadruple dip, and you get 52,200 miles for this $6000 topup!

A word of caution, try not to buy too much prepaid credits to keep because you may forget to use them, or worse still, if the app closes down, there’s no way you can get your money back.

How to sign up for Mileslife?

The regular signup bonus for Mileslife is 1,000 miles after a spend of S$39 (take note that you need to sign up through a referral link and not just download the app – you will get NO BONUS MILES). Remember to use the referral code Fg9FJa (to enter in the Account-Voucher section), to get 1000 miles after a S$39 spend. Just key it in before you make any purchases or add in your frequent flier account. Otherwise, just click here to sign up!

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