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Cardup is my goto platform to charge my credit cards for insurance payments, IRAS payments for income and property tax and season parking. They charge a 2.6% fee for your transactions and you get credit card points/miles or rebates in return. (see previous post here)

However, there have been some changes that were introduced recently:

  • Only one tax payment per tax account will be allowed on CardUp within a one-year period (meaning you can’t pay for family members or friends)
  • When setting up payment, you will need to provide an up-to-date copy of your Statement of Account
  • The payment amount made through CardUp must exactly match the outstanding tax balance in your Statement of Account provided (meaning you can’t overpay to clock credit card spending)
  • Income tax payments can only be set up within a fixed payment window monthly. This is to allow the local tax authority sufficient time to process each payment, and to prevent any potential reconciliation issues with your payment.

If you are new to Cardup, remember to use the promocode “IVANC88” when you schedule a payment. For instance, if you want to pay your income tax through Cardup, you will arrive at the page below, so key in the promo code “IVANC88” and you will receive a $20 discount off the Cardup fee when you make your first transaction!

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