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If you have been consistently clocking steps and “exchanging” steps for miles on Mileslife, you would have realised that they have started the countdown for Christmas with a Christmasy logo. Once you click on it, you will be brought to the page above. Click on “More details” and you will be brought to a page that explains what’s happening for the next 12 days.

Simply click on “Play Now” and you stand a chance to win miles, promo codes, mileslife credits, restaurant vouchers or partners shopping vouchers. Look at what I got on the first day!

Definitely not a bad attempt! There’s no prerequisite, no minimum spending required, so just remember to login everyday and play!

How to sign up for Mileslife?

The regular signup bonus for Mileslife is 1,000 miles after a spend of S$49 (take note that you need to sign up through a referral link and not just download the app – you will get NO BONUS MILES). Remember to use the referral code CPNN (to enter in the Account-Voucher section), to get 1000 miles after spending $49. Just key it in before you make any purchases or add in your frequent flier account. Otherwise, just click here to sign up!


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