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Never heard of Circles Life? Don’t worry, this promotion is for non Circles Life users!

Circles Life is a new Telco that provides affordable mobile plans like 20GB for $28/month (no contract, meaning you are not tied down, and free to change your plan anytime) or a $0 plan where you can get 1 gb of data per month! This tie-up with Ez-link is probably their way of getting more exposure to the mass market and attract more people to jump ship!

If you take the public transport (Bus or train) daily, you can get free vouchers when you link your EZ-link card to the Circles Life app and earn points! Just follow the steps below:

Life Points are automatically added to your account at the end of each day. Each ride will earn you 10 points. If you refer a friend to signup, you will earn 100 points!


For now, there are only 4 merchants available for you to redeem your points for vouchers – Grab, Golden Village, Foodpanda and Lazada, and redemption starts from 200 points! If you use Grab regularly, then this may be one way to reduce your transport cost using these vouchers!

Do note that you can only link one EZ-link card per account, and these Life Points do not have an expiry date!

Check out this link if you want more information on this

If you want to signup for a Circles Life plan, use this referral code RLMJ3 and get $20 off your Circles.Life registration fee!



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