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DBS Altitude cards (AMEX and Visa) have some promotions currently. The AMEX one was recently featured here.

This is the DBS Altitude Visa promotion which has started running and will end on 28 Feb 2019. The headlines scream a lot of miles, but it’s important to read through the specific details and this is when you realise it’s probably not as great as what you think.

As you can see in the tables above, there are 2 components to this promotion

i) 2000 bonus miles for overseas in-store transaction of minimum $2500 – essentially 0.8 mpd bonus

ii) 1100 bonus miles for online flight and hotel bookings via Expedia minimum $650 – 1.69 mpd bonus

Since these are fixed bonus miles, one should always spend the bare minimum since nothing above will add to that bonus figure. And take note that these are in-store transactions, not the online transactions in foreign currencies.

Bottom line

This promotion is not that great, but if you are planning a trip soon and will be overseas by end February, sign up for this promotion here and book your hotel and flight through expedia (that’s a massive 6 mpd at least), and try to hit the bonus miles earned with a minimum spend of $650.


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