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It’s a brand new year and all yearly subscriptions have been reset. HSBC came up with a tie-up with the Entertainer app last year (see previous writeup here) which cost $5. However, in 2019, this collaboration is now complimentary for all HSBC cardholders!

If you are not aware of this promotion, simply follow the steps here. The below steps are for Iphone users, and an android guide is available in the website below. To summarise, all you need to do is to download the new app called “ENTERTAINER with HSBC”, and signup with your email. You need to be a HSBC cardmember before you can register, and if you do not have internet banking, you will need to call them to obtain the VIP Key. Simply pay with your HSBC credit cards at participating restaurants or hotels!

Do note there is a small difference between this app and the paid ENTERTAINER app. The latter provides 3 “1 for 1” coupons at participating restaurants, whereas the HSBC one provides only 2. Nonetheless, there is a large selection of restaurants, so you can look around and try out new participating restaurants!

The detailed guide can be found on HSBC Entertainer website here.

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