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Citibank Prestige stood out from the rest of the cards that offered free airport limousine rides as they offered the most number of rides per year (8 in total, capped at 4 per quarter), and the requirement was simple – $1500 in foreign currency spend per quarter, which was easily attainable as you can do so through internet shopping as well.

However, I was a bit suspicious when there was a change in the validity of the programme when I checked the terms and conditions earlier this year – there was a validity till 31 Mar 2019 only. True enough, it had just been announced that there’s a change on the terms and conditions to the free airport limousine transfer, and of course, it is never great news since every other credit card has increased their spending for a free limousine ride.

The above photo says it all.

  1. Minimum spend has increased from $1500 in FCY spend per quarter to $20000 spend per quarter

Instead of FCY spend, now you can accrue your spend locally as well. However, instead of $1500, now you need to spend $20000 per quarter, which is quite a lot! After all, the miles accrual for Citi Prestige is only fair at 1.3 mpd for local spend and 2 mpd for FCY spend (excluding loyalty points for Citigold and relationship bonus)

2. The cap is now 2 rides per quarter instead of 4.

Previously it may make sense to chiong $1500 in FCY spend and get 4 rides per quarter, and use up one’s benefits in 6 months.  If there’s someone else in the family who has the card as well, you can rely on your partner for another 8 rides for the other half of the year. Now, the cap has been halved, so one will require consistent spending of $20000 per quarter, meaning there’s no means of “sharing” the rides under the same household.

3. Online booking for limousine ride

Whereas previously, any booking or changes had to be made through the Citi Prestige concierge, now one can place the booking through the Roset Limousine website 48h prior to departure.


If you are a Citi Prestige customer and have upcoming trips in Mar, then quickly try to use up the 4 limousine rides by 31 Mar (capped at 4 per quarter) since you only need to spend $1500 in FCY. Otherwise, come April and one will probably be better off using Grab to get a ride to and fro the airport instead.

The updated T&C can be found here

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