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Following Sebastian Powell’s post on the upcoming opening of the new Turkish Airlines lounge in Bangkok, I was really excited since I happened to be there over the last weekend. Turkish Airline’s Lounge Istanbul is on the list of the World’s Best Business Lounge.  Its flagship lounge is spacious, covering 6000 square meters and has a seating capacity of 1100. It also has a great range of services and activities— including a realistic racetrack providing the excitement of a car race, video game consoles, a cutting-edge golf simulator, private resting and showering areas, media wall, cinema, a play area for children, a library, a pool room, a prayer room, a teleconference hall, and massage service. Prior to the opening of the Bangkok lounge, there are 3 other overseas Turkish Airline lounges – Moscow, Washington DC and Nairobi.


Credits: Loyaltylobby

3 Mar 2019 was the opening day of the Turkish Airlines Lounge, and it was pretty quiet compared to the other airport lounges in Suvanarbhumi Airport since most people are not aware that it had just opened! It is conveniently located near D8, just next to China Airlines lounge and directly opposite Japan Airline (JAL) lounge.


For savvy travellers who hold the Priority Pass, you can enter this lounge by flashing your Priority Pass card. Otherwise, if you are flying Business on Turkish Airlines or have a Gold Status on Star Alliance, you can enter this lounge as well. However, do note that Thai Airways (TG) Business Class travellers are not allowed entry at this point in time, which is a bit strange since TG Business Class travellers are allowed to enter the Eva Air and Singapore Airlines lounge.

The layout of this Business Class lounge is definitely very different from that of the flagship Istanbul lounge, given its smaller size. There are comfortable black lounge chairs next to the windows, and beige armchairs in the middle and tables and chairs on the other side.

Armchairs and lounge chairs in Turkish Airlines Lounge @ Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Tables and chairs in Turkish Airlines Business Lounge, Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport

Food and Drinks

Hot food is served in this lounge – 2 dishes of beans and chicken as can be seen below, as well as lentil soup.

On the other side of the counter, one can find fresh salad, various fruits, croissant and sandwiches

Fruits and salad section, with croissant and sandwiches as well

There’s also a separate counter with freshly made pastries with hummus.

Puffs and pastries

Turkish Coffee is also served here, but if you are looking for Turkish Tea, then you will be disappointed as this container only dispenses hot water for now – just for you to make tea with the tea satchets provided.

Sparkling wine (Spumante) is also served here, along with wine and red wine and hard liquor. Bottled water, canned soft drinks and local beer including Singha beer is available here as well.

Shower facilities

Like the other Star Alliance lounges in this airport, shower facilities are available in this TK lounge. The shower room is located inside the male and female toilet respectively, and there is a toilet attendant outside whom you can ask when it’s available for use. Toothbrush, and a set of travel toiletry kit is prepared together with a bath towel that comes in a sealed packaging.


Never heard of them? Apparently they are by a Thai company called Nature Touch, and this set of 4* 30ml toiletry retails for S$28.80! Smells really good too!

Quiet Room

There’s a small dark room (I had to brighten this photo as it was too dark) called the Quiet Room, with comfy lounge chairs (no massage chairs though).

Business Centre

There is a small room with a table and chairs for you to discuss about important business matters as well.

Turkish Lounge Bangkok Suvarnabhumi Airport bottom line

It’s great to have another Priority Pass/Star Alliance lounge in Bangkok Suvarnabhumi’s Airport. However, do temper your expectations if you have been to the other Turkish Airlines lounges, as the food servings here are not that great – there are lounges with better food options in this airport. I ended up walking to the other Star Alliance lounge a few doors down to fill my tummy before my flight.

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