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Business Class A330 on Fiji Airways (Photo from One Mile At A Time)

If you are planning on a trip to Los Angeles soon, do check out this fare right now. How do you even secure a long haul business class ticket from Singapore to Los Angeles for below SGD1000? As such, based on the fare amount and the booking classes, high chances are that this is an error fare.

To begin with, this booking has to be done through Expedia, and you can easily locate it using the Google Flights link here. The current search dates are 23-27 Mar 2020 on Economy Class, and you will see that the flight is USD721 or SGD978. If you choose the Fiji Airways link, you will not get this rate. Choose  Expedia instead.


When you go to Expedia, you will see below that the Singapore-Nadi leg is on A330 Business Class (Z) and the Nadi-Los Angeles leg is in Economy Class (R), hence the mixed seat/cabin classes.

On the return leg, there is a 30h stopover, and you can do a short tour of Nadi if you want!

Unfortunately Fiji Airways has very few airline partners, so they credit to Alaska Airlines – Z goes for 200% and R goes for 50%.

Fiji Airways A330 business class seat when reclined Credit: One Mile At At A Time

On this A330, it appears that the business class seat may not recline fully flat, but at an angle according to this review from One Mile At A Time.

Nonetheless, it’s still better than Economy Class!

However, be warned that the airline may not honour this fare hence do not make any non-refundable hotel bookings! It appears there’s scattered availability from Jul 19-May 20 so just play around with the dates!


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