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If you have jumped onto the bandwagon and using your credit card or phone to tap on buses or trains, then please check if you are using the best credit card for this mode of payment.

From now till 31 Dec 2019, DBS Altitude Visa is offering customers 4 miles per dollar (base 1.2 + bonus 2.8 mpd) when you use your DBS Altitude Visa on public transport (bus, trains, Grab, Gojek and taxi rides)! Do note that Grabpay topups are excluded from this promotion.

If you drive, you get 2.4 miles per dollar on fuel when you topup up at Esso stations across the island. Do note that you need to spend a minimum of $300 per calendar month to qualify for this promotion.

To participate, you must register here first.

Do note there is a cap of $1200 spend during this promotional period for public transport, and $1600 fuel spend for the Esso promotion. Also, the bonus miles earned by Cardmembers under this Promotion will be accumulated and awarded to the Account 90 days after the end of the Promotion Period, which is around end Mar 2020.

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