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A380 Suites (Credit: Baldthoughts)

First and foremost, this is a short-lived promotion which you should quickly make use of and book if you want to enjoy the Singapore Airlines First Class or Suites seat (See above!) for EUR2900 (which is SGD4413) for a return flight from Europe.

That’s right, the first catch is that you need to start your journey from a city in Europe (Helsinki in this case) back to Singapore, and thus this is not for the faint-hearted since it is a bit complicated. You need to either book another ticket from Singapore to Europe or perform a redemption using your airmiles. One-way tickets are not cheap, so I will recommend buying another pair of airtickets (from any airline that you prefer), so that you can make 2 trips to Europe during this period of time. E.g. you can book a pair of tickets from Singapore-Helsinki (or any other European city) to fly on 7 Jan 2020, and return from Helsinki (or any other European city)-Singapore in 20 Mar 2020. Then, you can book this special SQ Suites ticket from Helsinki-Singapore from 17 Jan 2020, and return from Singapore-Helsinki on 10 Mar 2020.

If you’ve understood what I mentioned above, you can start looking for availability on Google flights. As can be seen in the screenshots below, there are tons of seats available throughout the year from Jan-Aug 2020! The earliest date for this promotion is 17 Jan 2020!

If you click on any pair of dates above, you can see the flights being listed as:

HEL-FRA on Lufthansa (Business or J class) and FRA-SIN on Singapore Airlines (First or A class), for the price of SGD4308 (realistically higher due to credit card charges)

You should then proceed to click on the Expedia link at the end which will bring you to the booking page below, and refer a fare of around EUR 2900. The flight timings should be the same as what you’ve seen on google flights.

If you play around with the dates, you will find some flights with 777-300ER instead (see below), which is a First class seat rather than a Suites seat.

To sum up, you need to follow the steps above to get through to the expedia.fi link. You can try keying into the usual expedia.com link but you will not be able to find this fare there, nor is it available on Lufthansa or Singapore Airlines website.

Booking dates: 17 Jan 2020-11 Aug 2020

Booking class: J (HEL-FRA return) and A (FRA-SIN return)

For the mile-hungry people, you will know that these revenue tickets will generate miles as well, and if you credit to the correct program, you will earn lots of miles – 350% on Alaska for the A class ticket, which will give you 22353 miles for one way from SIN-FRA and 44706 for both legs! In comparison, you will only earn 12773 miles on SQ for this leg! 

As for the Lufthansa HEL-FRA J class leg, it will not credit to Alaska, so you can choose your preferred Star Alliance airline to credit to, which generates 1432 miles on Singapore Airlines

For the savvy ones, this is a fraction of the cost when you book through SQ (See below)

First class redemptions are notoriously hard to come by, unless you redeem them super early, so if you haven’t had the chance to receive the golden ticket, try booking these tickets instead!

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