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If you are an avid Grab user, then please take note as the competition has just started! All you need to do is to be the first 3 customers to take 450 rides on Grab (from today till 31 Dec 2019) and you will win a pair of return Business Class tickets to Tokyo on Singapore Airlines! A simple search on the Singapore Airlines website and you will find the price of one ticket valued at $2591.50! The price looks like a promotional price, as I remember the prices used to be close to $4k at least. According to Shutterwhale’s previous post, it cost $3944 for one!


Importantly, you need to go to your Inbox, find this message and “Accept the challenge”. Do note there is a maximum of 8 rides per day, and you can use Grabshare or JustGrab, GrabTaxi etc.

If you do a quick calculation, SGD5 (grabshare)*450=SGD2250, and this is the lowest amount that you will possibly have to spend to achieve this feat (although $5 grabshare rides are rare to come by). Do note that you will receive a pair of business class air tickets on SQ for this – and I assume they will give the cheapest tickets, which will be D class, raking up 4116 miles one way from SIN-HND, which is 8232 miles for a return trip that can earn you Tier status as well!

I foresee intense competition for this challenge, and you should start the challenge now, and a winner would be borne by the 57th day of the competition (3 Nov 2019)

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