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Credit: Business Travellor

Flights from Singapore to New York and the west coast (Los Angeles) are getting increasingly competitive since SQ is flying direct, and there are frequent promotions to sell the Premium Economy fares at a discount, usually around S$1500. Now, Cathay Pacific has a promotion to fly from Singapore to New York via Hong Kong, on the new A350 aircraft. The above shows the seats in the Premium Economy section, which is in a 2-4-2 configuration. Of course these are not lie-flat seats, but at such a great fare, with 100% miles (booking class E), start planning your trip to New York today!

You can find the flight easily through Google Flights, and there is great availability from Jan till Oct 2020 – but the fares will get more expensive toward the end of year, reaching S$1670. When you click on the link you get directed to Cathay Pacific’s website, where you can book the fare directly with the airline, which is generally preferred as compared to an overseas travel agent (OTA) where issues may arise if there’s a strike, delay or cancellation.

Most of the flights are on A350, except for some flights between SIN-HKG which may be B777 or A330.

Do note that booking is required at least 45 days before departure and maximum stay is for 3 months.

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