From time to time, banks and credit card will change their T&Cs. This page will be updated with the latest change in T&Cs for banks and Credit Card T&Cs:


1. New perks for AMEX SQ Krisflyer Ascend Credit Card

2. Changes to SQ Krisflyer Gold Credit Card from 1 May 16


1. BOC Family Card Introduces Better Rebates from 17 Apr 16


1. CIMB Platinum Mastercard & Visa Signature change in rebate structure from 17 Jan 16


1. No more Citibank points, rebates or miles when paying AXS bills from 1 Jul 14

2. More Citi Dollars required to redeem cash reward from 5/2/15

3. Changes to Citibank SMRT & Dividend Groceries Merchants

4. Citibank Premiermiles AMEX reduced to 2miles per $1 for SQ/Silkair/KrisShop from 1 March 2015

5. Changes to transactions in foreign currencies or processed outside Singapore from 18 Mar 15

6. No more rewards for EZ-link Topup using Citibank from 18 Mar 15

7. Citibank Premier AMEX to reduce local miles rate from 1.4miles per $1 to 1.3 miles from 1 Apr 15

8. Changes to Citi Dividend Card rebate structure from 28 Sep 15


1. No more Jetquay check in for HSBC Visa infinite from 1 May 15


1. Maybank eVibes Card to become rebates Card from 1 Jan 15

2. Maybank Family Friends Cardmembers to enjoy up to 8% cash rebate on grocery, taxi and petrol (Jul 16)


1. Changes to OCBC Frank Card Cash Rebates Program from 1 Dec 14

2. Update on OCBC 360 Account from 1 May 15,Interest reduced to 2.05% from 1 May 15


1. POSB Everyday Card – HDB Season Parking rebate reduced from 3% to 1%

2. Changes to DBS Altitude Visa/AMEX from 1 Jun 16

Standard Chartered

1. Amendments to SC debit cards and current & saving accounts

2. Changes to Standard Chartered Bonus Saver Programme


1. Double SMART$ with UOB-JCB Card

2. UOB PRVI Miles Complimentary Limousine from 3 Jan 15

3. Changes to UOB One Credit Card Rebate Structure

4. Changes to UOB PRVIMiles AMex & MasterCard from 15 May 15


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