Best of the best Credit Cards

1. Which is your favourite accelerator credit card to earn bonus points?

2. Comparison of frequent flier miles cards, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4

3. What is the best rebate credit card around?, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4

4. Entry level air miles credit cards


Credit Cards for specific purposes

1. Which credit card offers the best discount for petrol or diesel?, Version 2Version 3, Version 4, Version 5

2. Best credit card for online purchase, Version 2, Version 3

3. Best credit card for EZ link topup, EZ link or NETS Flashpay topup Version 2,  Version 3

4. Dining discounts with credit cards at my favourite chinese restaurants

5. Best credit card for overseas transactions (foreign currencies), Version 2, Version 3

6. Which credit card offers the best discount for supermarkets?, Version 2, Version 3

7. Comparison of Singapore’s Departmental Stores Members and Credit Cards

8. Best credit card for Great Singapore Sale GSS 2014, 2016 V1, 2016 V2

9. The best credit cards to use to book overseas holiday travel, Version 2, Version 3

10. 8 of the best hotel booking sites with credit card discounts

11. How to make the best of your Citi rebate $

12. Strategise and be smart with UOB SMART $

13. The best credit cards for dining in Singapore, Version 2

14. Summary of credit card and loyalty programs for coffee houses in Singapore


Credit Cards for specific population

1. How to get a credit card without any income (for students)

2. Credit Cards for priority banking customers

3. Credit Cards for high income earners, Version 2, 2018 update

Specific credit card reviews

1. Comparison of AMEX Krisflyer Gold vs Ascend Card

2. How to maximise POSB rebate $ from everyday card

3. Review of UOB delight credit card

4. Maybank Family & Friends Platinum MasterCard Privileges

5. Bank of China Boc F1rst Card

6. CIMB Visa Signature credit card

7. American Express True Cashback credit card

8. Citibank Dividend Card Rebate Caveats

9. Review of ANZ Optimum Rebate Card, Reminder to ANZ Optimum Cardholders

10. Review of OCBC Voyage Visa Infinite Credit Card

11. Cancellation of OCBC Frank Card

12. The new UOB YOLO Card


Rewards Programs

1. Strategise and be smart with UOB SMART$

2. How to make the most of CITI rebate $



1. What you need to know before getting a credit card

2. Summary of Android Pay Promotions with Singapore credit cards

3. Summary of Apple Pay Promotions with Singapore credit cards


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