1. List of restaurants with loyalty program or discount cards

2. Dining discounts with credit cards at my favourite chinese restaurants

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1. GV Movie Club VS Cathay REBEL


1. Cheapest stock brokers in Singapore, Version 2

2. Cheapest movie tickets in Singapore, Version 2, Version 3, Version 4, 2015 Version 1

3. Best bank for fixed or time deposit in Singapore, Version 2

4. Best savings or current account in Singapore

5. Best savings account for salary, credit card and bill payment

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Bank Accounts review

1. DBS Multiplier

2. OCBC 360, Update 1

3. UOB One

4.BoC SmartSaver

5. Maybank SaveUp


1. Summary of shopping mall promotions for Spring 2014

2. Summary of shopping mall promotions for Christmas 2014

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